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Punta Carnero

It is an exceptional beach for sun and sea breezes, waves and sunsets to look extraordinary and, above all, to share with family and friends.  Punta Carnero Beach is surrounded by thick coastal vegetation. Surfing in Ecuador is popular at Punta Carnero Beach has been chosen many times to be the venue of not just national surf competitions, but also at an international level. 

Visitors to Punta Carrnero also enjoy sports such as bodyboarding, parasailing, bird watching, cycling and jogging in the middle of a great landscape.  The beach extends for approximately 1.6 miles (2.57 kilometers) and is relatively wide, with white to gray sand, medium waves and a prevalent inland breeze. 

The waters off Punta Carnero and the general area has been declared a Marine Reserve and they can watch humpback whales for several months.  A few minutes from Salinas, Punta Carnero is a blank canvas and an extraordinary challenge. Is a vision for the care and development of Punta Carnero where everyone can participate.

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